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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Imagination, the cornerstone of a child’s mind, is an important part of their personality and individualism. While we may consider it a waste of time, experts tell us this is not the case. A child’s imagination lays the groundwork for the way they may handle different situations in the future. This does not mean that a child should be forever in "imagination" mode, but we should encourage them to explore different opportunities.

As parents and caregivers, there are many ways that you can help a child explore their surroundings. Whether it is through reading books together or perhaps watching a little educational television geared towards children of the same age, this interaction can be very valuable to a child. Even when a child begins to question your rules and guidelines it is considered normal behavior and, unless they carry it to an extreme level, this is not something to be overly concerned about.

Many toys and activities are available to help spur a child's imagination, which in turn helps to stimulate their thought process. Naturally your child may make mistakes or even come to an incorrect conclusion but this also helps to shape their mind and is cause for further consideration whereas they may come up with something entirely different next time.

The next time you see your child jumping around and engaging in pretend play watch for a while it can be an amazing experience. Consider getting a toy that helps to stimulate their imagination such as the Rocking Boat Pirate Ship. Watch as they sail the world or even when they make teddy walk the plank and you are sure to smile almost as much as they do.

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by: RonJun eShop