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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Children have active imaginations and as parents or caregivers you should encourage that part of their personality. It’s what helps to make them unique individuals. Years ago some children were thought to have over-active imaginations now most experts agree that except in very rare cases there really is no such thing as an over-active imagination. Most children simply need a little guidance in order to keep everything in perspective.

You may think that very little extra stimulation is necessary for your child but that may not be true. Although they do get stimulation, varying the type and amount can be a big help to their growing minds and bodies. This can be accomplished by playing age appropriate games as well as quiet times spent together reading. The description of their minds being like sponges is actually quite accurate and they really do absorb quite a bit even during quiet times.

Sometimes children tend to get restless on long trips and it can be difficult keeping them entertained. The novelty of the trip soon begins to wear off and their temperaments may begin to head a little toward the cranky side, or quite possibly skip the little part, go to full blown boredom and they don’t care who knows it. While it may not completely eliminate the boredom there are some travel toys available that may help their active, imaginative minds settle back down a little. One such item is the Kids Travel Toys- Magnetic Train Maze, completely enclosed so that there are no loose parts to get lost on the way. It is a perfect way to encourage them to use their imagination as well as being a great way to improve their fine motor skills. Not to mention the peace that just may follow when this toy is brought out during the trip.

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by: RonJun eShop