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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Parents, obviously, always want the best for their kids. Any expert in the field of child development would agree that encouraging kids to participate in art projects helps to expand not only their creativity, but can also help to develop motor skills. Likewise, viewing a child’s art through the years gives us a window into their development.

In the early years, sometimes called the "scribbling stage" children are amazed at their ability to make marks, and practice their motor skills extensively. They will generally start with circles, then squares, then other shapes, and they will start trying to draw things from their world. Later, in the pre-schematic stage, they will try to draw people, or things, and are fascinated with colors. At this stage, approval from others is valued by kids, but they are also easily discouraged. Later, they become more and more affected by peers, and can become very critical of their art work.

The Kid's Super Rolling Art Center by Alex is a great way to encourage kids to let their creative juices flow and create their own original works of art. On one side, there is a chalkboard, and on the other, a dry erase board, which has a paper roll at the top that can be pulled down for drawing or painting. There are plenty of spots to store supplies, with shelves under the easel, and cups for things like chalk, markers, or crayons, and it even comes with cups for paint. The art center is very large, to provide lots of room for your little ones to express themselves.

by: RonJun eShop