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Saturday, June 30, 2007

At one time when you told your child to sit down and be quiet that is exactly what they did. The mere thought of interrupting you and asking questions never crossed the child’s mind. While teaching them respect and manners is a very necessary part of raising a child, they also need to know that it is ok to be curious and ask questions.

It is the responsibility of parents and childcare givers to give children the opportunity to turn their natural curiosity into knowledge and education. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have educational toys available to them. Originally, most of these toys were seen in waiting rooms where children were present. And although they still are there, it has become increasingly more popular to have the same type toys in the home.

The play cubes are among the most popular with both kids and adults.
There are many different variations of this toy and they are all wonderful.
One of the most popular is the Sea Life Play Cube. Its size (24"x24"x45") makes it easy for several children to play at the same time. With its Rollercoaster Bead Maze with underwater artwork, a Crab Paddlewheel, Octopus Flipper, Blowfish Magnetic Circle Spinner and the Sea Life Pathfinder (complete with 9 hand-painted pieces) there is sure to be something to please everyone.

Though it has never been publicly substantiated, there are rumors that adults have as much fun with this as the kids do.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Parents, obviously, always want the best for their kids. Any expert in the field of child development would agree that encouraging kids to participate in art projects helps to expand not only their creativity, but can also help to develop motor skills. Likewise, viewing a child’s art through the years gives us a window into their development.

In the early years, sometimes called the "scribbling stage" children are amazed at their ability to make marks, and practice their motor skills extensively. They will generally start with circles, then squares, then other shapes, and they will start trying to draw things from their world. Later, in the pre-schematic stage, they will try to draw people, or things, and are fascinated with colors. At this stage, approval from others is valued by kids, but they are also easily discouraged. Later, they become more and more affected by peers, and can become very critical of their art work.

The Kid's Super Rolling Art Center by Alex is a great way to encourage kids to let their creative juices flow and create their own original works of art. On one side, there is a chalkboard, and on the other, a dry erase board, which has a paper roll at the top that can be pulled down for drawing or painting. There are plenty of spots to store supplies, with shelves under the easel, and cups for things like chalk, markers, or crayons, and it even comes with cups for paint. The art center is very large, to provide lots of room for your little ones to express themselves.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Do you ever remember back to the time when you were a child and you were able to enjoy sitting down at a table set that was just the right size for kids? Well, the wonder and whimsy of a children's furniture set never seems to go out of style. Once you have a couple of children of your own, you are going to want to be able to look back at your childhood and possibly bring some of the memories to the present so you can share them with your kids.

If you have memories of great children's furniture, then you might want to think of adding the Pastel Jungle Kids Table and Chairs set to your home furnishings. Briar Patch, the manufacturer of this fabulous set, went through great lengths to ensure nothing but quality with this fine children's set. Not only are you able to get plenty of use from this set while your kids enjoy crafts, meals and more, you also have the ability to look back into your childhood for memories of your own table set.

This fun set comes along with a cute little table with four great chairs that are designed and painted to look like the favorite jungle animals of many children. Chair designs include a lavender tiger, blue zebra, pink giraffe, and green elephant.

You are guaranteed to love having this fun children's table set in your home while you sit back and watch your children get plenty of use out of it for years to comes.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007
When it comes to making sure that your child has plenty of great ways to play and explore, you are going to want to make sure that you have a mix of outdoor toys as well as indoor toys and play equipment. Whether you run your own daycare or if you happen to have multiple children, a great indoor play area for children can be a great way to help the kids learn and explore while in a safe environment.

There are many different pieces of great play equipment that can be used indoors, however Guidecraft seems to have really cornered the market in this area. One piece that happens to be a perfect example is the Pirate Ship Loft, which is filled with all sorts of great nooks and crannies where kids can explore and have an incredible time.

The Pirate Ship Loft by Guidecraft is colorful and filled with plenty of cool features that have been proven to help encourage interaction with others as well as cooperative group play. Children are going to love playing with this indoor equipment, especially because they can climb the stairs to the upper decks, slide down to the floor again and again while even pretending that they are in charge of their very own pirate ship.

When you are looking for a fun and safe way for the children in your care to play indoors, there is always the terrific option of this interesting Pirate Ship Loft by Guidecraft. All you need to do is sit back and watch the children have a great time.

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Friday, June 15, 2007
When you give a child the right tools, they are going to learn and explore to their heart's content. As far as socialization goes, there are many children who simply need the introduction of some sort of a group game or toy to help them interact with other children their age. If you have a child who would benefit greatly from a healthy dose of socialization, you may just want to look around to see just what is out there in terms or great toys that are known to encourage interaction as well as fun and healthy group play.

No matter the age of the child, there is just something incredible about having a nice outlet when it comes to play, especially when it comes to any situation where they can enjoy pretend adventures. Some children like to act out situations as if they are grown up and taking on the role of an adult in the career that they wish to pursue. Other children simply enjoy having a common toy where they can spend time with others that are close to their age group.

One fine way to let children explore their love for pretend as well as working on their socialization skills is by letting them encounter the Work Bench by Alex Kids. This toy comes complete with plenty of colorful pieces where children can work along side one another, pretending that they are creating pieces as well as fixing things up. Not only will this toy build socialization skills, it can also help children to understand how things works, identify colors, and even clean up after they are finished playing.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007
When you were a child, did you ever dream that you would be able to play the piano as well as a professional musician or even the music teacher that you happened to have in school? As you become a parent, you are going to want to make sure that you give your child everything that you never had. If your son or daughter looks to you and asks if they can begin playing the piano, you can always look into a great children's piano to help get them started.

Studies over the years will prove that the introduction of music to children will help them in a number of ways. Whether your child is age three or age twelve, you would be amazed at just how much music can play a role in their healthy development. Some experts will even tell you that music can work wonders to help sharpen the minds of children with disabilities as well as add creativity to those children who have already been able to excel.

With the addition of a children's piano to your home, your son or daughter will be able to dabble in music at their own pace. If your child is interested enough, you may even want to look into professional lessons down the line!

Until the time arises for professional piano lessons, a children's piano such as the Traditional Spinet is just right to get started. The instrument is just the right size for children, including keys that are sized just right for small hands. There is even a songbook included when your child is ready to learn how to master a tune.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007
When you have children, it is a great idea to make sure that you get outside and enjoy time and exercise with them as often as you can. There is nothing better than some time out in the fresh air, especially when the both of you can get the chance to move around, enjoy nature and have a great bonding experience. With the right kind of outdoor experience, you are guaranteed to benefit from such an adventure in so many different ways.

In order to get the most out of your outdoor ventures with your child, you may want to look into a couple of great outdoor accessories or toys that you can take advantage of. Do you remember having one of the old fashioned children's pedal cars when you were younger? If so, then you should know that you can actually get one of these beauties for your own child to enjoy.

The Red and Beige 55 Classic is a perfect pedal car to get when you want to bring your little one out for a great day in the sun to scoot around in the driveway. As long as your child is always attended, he or she is going to just love pedaling around and steering this incredible outdoor toy. There are even five different positions that you can put the pedals in to make sure that your child has a great ride every single time with ease. You are going to find that plenty of memories will be made with such an outdoor riding toy.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007
There are always plenty of great reasons to get young children together so they may play with other kids their age. For example, children who are exposed to others around the same age group are more likely to socialize. Sharpening these social skills can help them a great deal as they grow and communicate with others. As far as getting children together for play, there is nothing better than some sort of a group setting, especially if there are toys involved that can also help with problem solving and creativity.

For group play and plenty of socialization with other children, the perfect toy just may be the Small Deluxe Block Kids Play Table. This is a nice setting that will encourage plenty of interaction as well as stimulate their little minds with colors and shapes. The table itself is just right for sitting down and playing with others, with plenty of primary colors to keep their attention.

Durability will never be an issue with this great play table, as it is crafted from beautiful solid maple. There are a whopping sixty-four blocks that come with the table and you can even get a set of four chairs to go along with it. This is certainly the kind of activity that any child is going to enjoy for hours on end. You may even find that you will want to sit right down with them and help them explore, build and learn with all of the blocks and colors.

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