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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
There are many benefits to letting a child help decide the theme to their room. First and foremost for the child, it makes them feel very special and "grown up". As a parent it helps to encourage their individualism and may even have the added benefit of the child wanting to keep their room a little cleaner.

For most young girls their favorite toy is a baby doll. And playing "mommy" is a favorite pastime. The Rock-A-My-Baby room collection is absolutely adorable and perfect for every little mommy. It's pink and ivory coloring is every girls dream.

The rocking chair comes with an attached cradle so that mommy can rock her little one to sleep, perhaps while reading a book. And after baby is asleep mommy will have her own little table and chair where she can sit and play. Or maybe she will tidy up a bit by hanging up clothes on the clothes pole, which comes with room for mommy and baby's clothes. Or putting away her toys in the Rock-A-My Baby Toy Box Bench. And after baby wakes up from its nap it might be time for a ride on the rocking horse or maybe its time for a feeding in baby's very own high chair.

You can rest assured that not only is this gorgeous set built to last with children in mind, it is also sure to provide hours of fun and play for your little mommy and her baby as well as being treasured for years to come.


by: RonJun eShop