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Thursday, May 31, 2007
What child doesn't love playtime. As parents and caregivers we would prefer for it to be educational fun. Naturally, if you try to impress that upon a child you will likely be met with one of "those" looks that needs no explanation. Want to know a way to avoid this? Simply don’t tell them.

For example, music is a wonderful way to stimulate their senses, they love it and it also promotes learning. The Musical Slices of Fun Kids Play Table is a wonderful example of this. It boasts an 8-note Xylobells, a Xylophone, 2 Remo Drums, 3-Tone Chime and Cymbal. It is divided into 4 pie shaped pieces, allowing it to be separated for individual play or set up as a circle or even serpentine shape for the whole band to join in, using the 8 wooden mallets that are included.

They do not have to know that this will enhance their sound skills and help develop rhythm. Or that along with improving their individual skills it promotes and encourages learning how to play or work as a group. It only takes about 10 minutes to assemble which while not completely eliminating it; will help keep down the number of times you will be asked that age old question "is it ready yet?" It will be up and ready in no time.

No, it is not necessary to point out all the educational benefits this toy provides to children. They already know the most important thing and that is that they are making music and having fun.


by: RonJun eShop